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Web Design

Need a great looking, super performing website? Orange Cat Productions web design team can create the website you deserve. WordPress powered and using the latest technology to keep you on top in your market segment.

$297 website

Comfortable entering your own content? How about if we give you access to videos to show you how? Have a look at our $297 website page to see how much you can get for this incredibly low price. Get started today.

WordPress Installation

Do you have a web hosting account that you’d like WordPress installed on, eiher as the main site software or to create an add-on service to run along side your current website. If so, check out our WordPress Installation Package.


Email Marketing is still the best way to reach your customers or prospects – by far! In fact, recent research show that email marketing is 8 times more effective than social media in driving sales to you.


Need help setting up your WordPress website. We can help with recommendations for web hosting, themes, plugins, security, SEO and many other WordPress-related subjects. Don’t let fear of mistakes derail you.

Website Maintenance

Peace of mind. It’s what you get when you can relax knowing that your WordPress website is backed up to a secure location, that all the themes and plugins are up-to-date, including WordPress itself.


Email marketing is still 8 times more effective than social media. Why? Click here to find out. We can help you get your email marketing strategy on track and keep it there so it builds your business.

Social Media

Social Media replaces nothing, but it complements everything. You need to pay attention to your Social Media presence and interact with your followers to maximize the benefits you receive.


Ranking in the search engines (SEs) is very important for the future of your business. We make sure that you are equipped with the right tools to get properly indexed by the SEs – all you have to do is use them.

Data Center




Real Estate Brokers

Real Estate Agents

MH Community Owners




Dominate Your Local Market ...or your competition will!


Are you in need of basic WordPress, email or other web hosting services. The Orange Cat “Pay per Incident” service system lets you stay on top of things without any monthly commitment.


Do you or any of your employees need training on WordPress administration, theme or plugin installation or configuration, Social Media, Search Engine Optimization, etc.?


Orange Cat Productions has the support you need to keep your WordPress or HTML5 website running efficiently. Whether it’s “pay by incident” or a monthly maintenance package, we’ve got you covered.





You don’t need just a website – you need a complete online
marketing solution at a fair price. And that’s what we do.

Total Local Market Domination

You should strive to appear in the first pages of Google, Bing and Yahoo – preferably multiple times for essential keywords. We call that Dominating Your Local Market and we can help make it happen.

When Orange Cat develops your Online Marketing Solution it is an ongoing mission, working with you to maximize your business’s visibility, perception and bottom line.

The Our Online Marketing Solution is not a “download and forget”, a “one-shot” or a “momentary shiny object.” It’s an ongoing program, that establishes you as an authority in your local market, vastly improves your search engine ranking and boosts your business more as time goes by.

In other words, the Orange Cat Online Marketing Solution will be with you now and in the future. And as long as you remain a client, your power to Dominate Your Local Market just keeps increasing.

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