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Hi, I’m Bob Stovall

Bob Stovall - Orange cat Productions LLCI first started marketing on the Internet in 1991, using CompuServe, an upstart named AOL and various Bulletin Board Services (BBS). Back then, I was promoting a non-profit and I learned a lot about marketing online in the process.

In 1996, I started the Online Marketing firm Orange Cat Productions LLC (OrangeCat.com), which today specializes in online marketing strategies for businesses that service a local area.

BobStovall.com was launched in 1998 as a personal website where I could write about online marketing as it applies to local businesses and review software, products, services and systems that could make their efforts more effective. Logically, this site became a WordPress-powered blog in 2006.

I’m often asked where the name of the company came from. At the time we started, in 1996, my wife and I had a big, orange tabby cat named Bart. He used to sit (or sleep) on my desk while I worked, and every day at 3PM, he’d remind me to get the mail by tapping on my leg with his paw until I got up. He’d then follow me to the mailbox and stay out for while when I came back to work.

Here’s a picture of Bart humoring me while I photographed. Click the photo to see a larger image.

Bart J. Katz, after whom Orange Cat Productions LLC was named

The last time I published this photo, I got emails saying “How dare you give gin to a cat.” HOLD THE EMAIL, folks ยป that’s CATNIP (NOT GIN) in the bottom of the empty glass and those are acrylic ice cubes.

Bart’s gone to that big tuna buffet in the sky now, but one very positive thing about our company name is that whenever I meet someone and I introduce myself as Bob Stovall of Orange Cat Productions, the name kicks their curiosity into high gear and I get to explain what we do.

Let us create a customized online marketing solution for your business. Call Bob at 859.755.4115 today.

We can build a customized online marketing solution for your business. WordPress-powered websites, custom themes and design, email marketing campaigns, social networking and mobile marketing strategies are just a phone call away. Call Bob at 859-755-4115 today.

Orange Cat also offers “how-to” videos through our YouTube Channel and Video Tutorials on using WordPress effectively on OrangeCatVideos.com.

Bob Stovall
Orange Cat Productions LLC
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Junction City, Kentucky 40440

Phone: 859.755.4115

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