Social Media IconsI am looking for a totally bespoke social media campaign — can you provide it?

Our social content contains plenty of daily comments and facts about your business and are very specific to your business. We also research industry facts, tips, tricks and trivia about your business. We don’t, however, recommend that EVERY one of our tweets is about your business. We’ve carried out extensive testing of the value and effectiveness of social media campaigns in Facebook and Twitter.

We make the campaign as tailored as we can. If you gave us freedom to do what we think is best, we would tweet a mixture of business specific information and a handful of generic tweets per day (these generic tweet types are chosen by you from our social media profiling document &endash; so they’ll always be things you like). We’ve found that if you just tweet about very dry subjects in a very formal way, then you are missing the “social” aspect of Social Media Marketing. For Facebook we would post less (just twice per day) &endash; but we’d make it REALLY specific information about your business or industry &endash; and no generic posts. We obviously follow your specification, but that’s what we would recommend. You are ultimately in charge of what we produce for you though.

Our control panel also includes an incredibly easy to use Industry Content Research tool. Your control panel will present you with news specifically about your industry and you can post it to your social media accounts with the click of a button. Keeping your followers posted about your industry and giving you whopping authority.

You’ll see a great return on investment from our service.

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