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Consulting - Web and Online Marketing

Online Marketing

Need help with your online marketing strategy?

From local and national SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to Online Advertising on Google, Bing, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, we’ve got you covered. We can make suggestions to make your online marketing strategy more effective, or we can handle the entire process for you.


Just starting out with eCommerce and have an eCommerce site now that is just not performing up to your goals?

Starting out?

It is imperative that your eCommerce website be setup correctly right from the start. Why waste time experimenting, when our experience can save you time and money?

Not performing?

It could be your website’s layout or a hundred other reasons. We can take a look at your eCommerce site and make some suggestions to get you back on track.

Web Design

What kind of Web Design do you need?

Web Design is a complex process that is unique to every business. Should you save money by using a templated web design or should you invest in a completely unique web design? What is the best layout for your type of business? What pages do you need? And will you be blogging and using social media to build traffic to the website?


Do you need to blog?

You are going to generate traffic to your website by several methods. Blogging is a very effective way to capture more search engine ranking for keywords and capture more traffic. But you have questions. We can guide you to better blogging and answer all of the questions you have about this lucrative marketing method.

Social Media

Which Social Media will bring you the best returns?

You are going to use some combination of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest or Instagram to drive more traffic to your website. But which ones? After analyzing your business model, we can make recommendations to you can get the best return on your investment of time and energy.

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