Social Media IconsWhat are the specific benefits of using Facebook?

Facebook is still the largest of all the social networks. Having a busy presence on Facebook is a great idea to gain interest in your business from the enormous amount of Facebook users. Lots of people are now searching Facebook and your keyword rich Facebook page will be interesting to the users that find it.

Remember that people are very familiar with Facebook and are more likely to have used it personally than Twitter. We highly recommend the embedded Twitter feed for maximum SEO benefit, but to really cover the full benefits of a Social Media Marketing campaign, it’s a great idea to be posting content and images on to both Twitter and Facebook. Google is also known to take notice of your Facebook page (which links back to your website) and use this social signal as part of its ranking algorithm.

What are the specific benefits of using LinkedIn?

If your client has a company that sells to other businesses then LinkedIn is a great please to network. Our service supplies updates to their LinkedIn business page that keeps it active and interesting and therefore saves them time. The best way to get the most from LinkedIn is to network within the groups so that your client becomes an authority within their industry.

Can I still update my social media accounts myself?

Yes, Yes, Yes. Please tweet, post or update anything yourself at any time! Putting the Twitter application on your phone could enable you to tweet about something that just happened “Just walked out of an AWESOME meeting with XYZ Ltd. Loving their work”. If you have sales or special offers starting at specific times you can log in to our control panel and schedule the announcement. The important thing to remember is that the social media accounts are yours, we are just saving you time by tweeting, posting and updating on your behalf.

Why are some of the links sometimes written in capitals in my tweets
or posts?

The reason the use of capitals from time to time is to make your website address and/or company name stand out to anyone looking at the post.

Will you “deep link” to pages other than my homepage?

We will deep link (create links to internal pages) normally unless you specifically ask us not to. Please note that deep linking can cause problems. If we deep link to a page and you change that page URL at any time in the future (even years down the line), then the link will be broken. Your homepage link can never be broken. We have experienced problems with clients who changed their page structure after (or during) us posting links to the old pages. We have seen negative effects from broken links, so we avoid it wherever possible; unless the client is absolutely sure they will never change the page URL. Deep linking is also harder to track, and can lead to incorrect statistics.

Can you schedule specific content for me at specific times?

Yes! Our account managers can schedule in posts for you to announce sales starting or other information on your behalf. Even better, our control panel enables YOU to easily and quickly monitor our social media content that we’ve scheduled for you, and add or amend your own items. It gives you massive control over your social media networks.

How can I trust you to use good grammar and present my company in
the best light?

All our staff are highly trained, are native English speakers and are employed for their excellent word skills &endash; however there’s another level of protection too! To ensure you don’t have “down” time due to illness or holiday’s, we “queue up” your posts at least seven days in advance. This has the dual benefits of ensuring we always have good quality posts about your company ready to send and it allows a more senior member of staff to apply a level of quality control over everything that is written by their team. These are then scheduled via your control panel to allow you to review them at your leisure and ensure you like what we are saying about you.

Why not just connect my Facebook account with my Twitter account and just pay for one service?

Both Twitter and Facebook accounts are used by Google as “social signals”. The frequency of the updates, the content of the posted material and many other things are all considered by Google when they calculate the value of the social media account.

What we have found is that if we replicate Twitter posts on Facebook by linking the accounts, Google gives much less value to the Facebook account. You can also get away with (and are almost expected to) pad out your Twitter day with more generic posts, but these can be seen as “spam” on Facebook pages &endash; where they can harm your page (people hiding your content by marking it as not relevant will be detrimental to your Facebook campaign).

If we produce nice unique content for both Twitter and Facebook (and post at different times), then each account is valued separately. As a bonus, there is also great SEO benefit to uploading images to your social media accounts, and we now ensure we upload a couple of unique custom made images to both Facebook and Twitter if that service is required.

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