Here are 10 top reasons why not to use WordPress to promote your business.

10. The Internet is just a fad.

9. You just love coding HTML.

8. You just won the lottery and are retiring to a tropical beach.

7. Your customers just drop by during slow periods to give you cash.

6. You never update your website.

5. You have all the leads you could ever want.

4. You have all the business you could ever want.

3. You have all the money you could ever want.

2. You like paying your webmaster exorbitant fees.

1. Search Engine Ranking means nothing to you.

Crazy, right?

The Dominate Your Local Market with WordPress Webinar this coming Wednesday won’t cost you a dime. But it will show you how using WordPress for your business can bring you more leads, customers and business without breaking the bank or your back.

When: Wednesday, October 5, 2011
Time: 3:00 PM Eastern, Noon Pacific
Register here!

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